Like Fire

Asta d'Avia from Like Fire

Asta d’Avia from Like Fire

Like Fire is the first in three fantasy novels which are set in the Wide World, and will be published when it looks like more than 3 people will buy and read it, by Chameleon Publishing. Described by readers as “like Gone With the Wind crossed with Harry Potter,” the books tell the story of the people of Kestrel Point, led by Astá d’Avia, Guardian of the Pass and the Dark Man, Broos Zuri, who fights by her side, as well as her daughter Meria the Redbird, her best friend Keile the Sparrow, and Shula, the immortal Salamander, a creature out of legend.

The books have been illustrated by Kirbi Fagan, Illustrator of the Future Award winner and exceptionally talented artist.

We’ll be putting excerpts and information about the characters and world . . .

And you can read the first three chapters at the end of the e-book version of The Instrumentality of Women


Guess what? It is being published FOR FREE for anyone to read via Medium. This is why. Start reading it here. It looks great on phone or tablet.