Female Science Fiction Writer

Amy Sterling Casil is Female Science Fiction Writer, and it’s also a book, which is a mega-collection of her fourteen best stories of the past ten years, primarily previously-published in publications like The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.


The book is available via all online booksellers and is also available in an outstanding Audible audiobook featuring voice talent like Keith Szarabajka and many others.

The book includes Nebula Award-nominated “To Kiss the Star,” and other works such as “Perfect Stranger,” “Mad for the Mints,” and more.

2 thoughts on “Female Science Fiction Writer

  1. Gaillen Wraye

    Looking forward to the SF read. That was one of my favourite pastimes in my preteens and beyond.

    Not so much these days. Though I did read all the harry potter series. I love Magik.

    And the mystery of whats beyond in our grand universe. I’m finding new miracles to experience every day.
    Thanks for taking an avid interest in our Immune BioTrust Mission.

    Chat soon…Gaillen

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you so, Gaillen! I believe your approach is truly the way we should all be thinking and working together.

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