Stuff Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Have

Envy and contempt: hella things.

colombia picadillo in pot

I looked at this and I could “feel sorry” for myself. The pot is at least 10 years old. I think it cost about $13 and it’s a Mexican rice pot. The spoon is “poon” – my grandmother’s spoon. It’s a wooden spoon of at least 50-60 years of age. So far, so good. The end is burnt and hardened like iron.

This is stuff Hillary Clinton doesn’t have, never did have, and likely never will have. Worthless items, of no meaning or import to anyone. Except me.

bowl and zucchini

Then there is this. An enamel bowl, at least 33 years old. It was one of my wedding gifts. I still use the Henckels Eversharp knives I received as a wedding gift from my aunt and uncle as well.

Again, things Hillary Clinton doesn’t have. Things of no value to anyone else, of no import, of no worth.

Cooking at home, cooking simple, nutritious food: this is a pleasure I think, that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have.

When people are so damn greedy, they might take things from others. But they cannot take from us that which we, intrinsically and essentially, are. They cannot take away from us our families, our heritage, our memories and our culture. The thing is these days, we are sharply aware now, of what has happened, of what is happening, of what will come if we do not act to stop it.

Here is this little woman, who cooks and cleans and folds and works 10-12 hours a day. Who has laughed and loved and done her very best.┬áThat cannot be bought or sold. But neither can it be bowed or destroyed. The greedy, the empty and the shallow have just gone too far. And it’s up to those of us who really have families and pride and life to stop them and to take it back. For our children, grandchildren and all those who will come after us.

The same as my grandmother gave me that spoon.